All proceeds donated will be funneled right back into the art/ministry. Whether it goes to replacing equipment, publishing new music, etc. The proceeds will never be used to for materialistic desires. 10% of all donations will be tithed to a local church.


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Not all support is fiscal. Sharing the music and ministry with people you know is equally as important as the financial side of things. It can be as simple as pressing the share button on Facebook, or even creating your own posts promoting new releases. All support is welcomed and more importantly appreciated.


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Prayer is one of the most overlooked ways to support an artist. While money is needed, and getting shares/numbers up are important, nothing is more vital to the craft and well-being of me as a human-being than prayer. This is the ultimate support. If you can't help financially, that's okay. If you don't share the pages, that okay. Just keep me in your prayers!

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